The huge, massive and milling crowd of people as seen from the picture above surrounds the car (a white spot in the picture) of world famous porn star, model and the Bollywood actress ‘Sunny Leone’. This photo is taken at Kerela where the actress came for some promotion drive. It is an embarrassing but sad fact that India is a land of contradictions, controversies and paradoxes. On the one hand we Indians share over ‘facebook’ and other social platforms the ‘Gorakhpur Tragedy’ (Uttar Pradesh) in a blown-up manner and with much hype and exaggeration that recently severely assailed India, and on the other hand we will not muster up even an iota of collective moral responsibility and collective moral courage to come valiantly on streets and raise our voices against the gross and flagrant injustice done to those more-than-70 innocent infants who had to be at the receiving ends of the glaring irresponsibility and devilish insensitivity shown by the state as well as the central establishments.

We Indians, on one side are not ready to leave the warmth of our houses, come united and protest forcefully nationwide by taking courageous and moral stand against the wicked and corrupt officers in charge responsible for those terrible deaths in hospital (and thus show sincere sympathy and provide solace to the destiny-struck parents of those for-always-gone infants of Gorakhpur) and on the other hand, we are ever-ready to feel the surge of raging testosterones in our bodies by having just a little glance of ‘Sunny Leone’ who happened to be in Kerela to attend the inaugural ceremony of a leading smartphone brand at Kochi, MG Road. What a cheap and double-standard life we are living! We are not true Indians, we are fake Indians. We are paper tigers!

We Indians are unaware of our collective strength (as seen from the photo above) and if such strength or power is directed against the wicked, corrupt and non-performing establishment, no one can save the establishment from falling – sooner or later. We are so huge in numbers i.e population that we just by showing solidarity in the form of peaceful protest and disciplined ‘dharna’ can teach a fit lesson to any corrupt officers or leaders or can easily topple any government. It has been perfectly said that there is strength in unity.

But regretfully and sadly, it is also a grand truth that we Indians are ready to pay a visit to the site of hot Bollyactress Sunny Leone and feed our lustful eyes. We are also ready to make use of such collective strength of ours to make popular any celebrity (like Sunny Leone) or rising star but we are not ready yet to use this power to punish the corrupt officers and leaders in charge! We are not ready yet to use this ‘number power’ of ours to raise our genuine concerns publicly! We also are not ready yet to teach the erring and gone-astray government that it came to power through our votes and we do have the reins of their power and political life in our hands!


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