RAMGARH, INDIA - NOVEMBER 8: Members of a cow vigilante group pose for a photograph out on a patrol in the hopes of stopping vehicles of cow smugglers November 8, 2015 in Ramgarh, Rajasthan, India. The local 'cow vigilante' group, headed by Nawal Kishore Sharma, is one of dozens of such hard line Hindu cow protection vigilante groups operating across India. The members work various day jobs such as teachers, lawyers, marble sculptors, politicians and by night they patrol on watch for smugglers illegally transporting cows for sale and slaughter. Many also work at the cow shelters where the rescued cows are taken. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

Believing cow as their ‘Holy Mother’ why do then people often adulterate or desecrate her milk and sell the same to customers at higher rates and simultaneously play havoc with human lives -who daily drink such impure milk? Do these self-designated ‘Cow-Vigilantes’ do the job of only protecting the lives of cows or human lives as well?  What is the fun of ‘cow-protection’ if we are not able to save human lives as well? If this magnanimous task of ‘so-called cow-protection’ is being done at the stake of valuable and precious human lives then should this task be considered as much as honorable and sacred as Geeta and Quran?  Anyone who wants to get indulged in this so-called political-business and fad of ‘Cow-Vigilantism’ are free to do whatever they want to but they should not forget that like cow human is also a precious life which is more intellectually advanced and conscientiously refined than other animal kingdoms. Here I am not arguing about whether animals should be preferentially treated or humans, rather I want to emphasize that instead of brushing ‘the truth’ under the carpet that we all know very well, we should have the guts and the integrity to face our real and naked selves and see what kind of intellectual and moral illnesses have been ailing our conscience since time immemorial.

Instead of being pathetically fashionable and so-called ‘Go Rakshaks’ or ‘Cow-Vigilantes’ can’t we become ‘Prakriti Rakshaks’ or ‘Nature-Vigilantes’ which enfolds all the living animals including each and every sentient being – plants, animals and yes humans as well! What is the crazy logic of killing humans so that we could save cows?

We are not able to save and rescue little and fragile girls from the clutches of ‘flesh-trade’ linchpins, we are not able to provide few morsels of food to hungry street children and orphans, we are not able to rescue ailing dogs in some corners of Indian streets, we are not able to protect the environment from getting polluted (how cows could survive in such severely polluted environment) and here we go on boasting about ‘cow-protection’! What rubbish and nonsense thing is it! What kind of asinine logic is this?

How can we make assure that every time when some cows are being rescued from their flesh-traders, the people of the ‘rescue party’ are immaculate and exceptionally honorable ones with no smear of corruption, wickedness and dishonesty on their character? Do these ‘Cow- Vigilantes’ know that the cows that they intend to protect are often found haplessly abandoned and one can clearly see them roaming freely on the dirty Indian streets eating plastic in tones from the heaps of garbage– with none to take care of them (such cows were the ones who used to give milk in abundance but as soon as they become unproductive they were left to their hard fate)? Then where do these self-proclaimed ‘cow-vigilantes’ scamper? It clearly means that seeing their cows die eating plastic in tones is acceptable to them but not when they are found being traded by some humans who unfortunately belong to other castes!  When would we get some common sense and arrive at ‘the truth’ behind this dirty political game of ‘Cow-Vigilantism’ which gives ‘no life’ to cows, yes ‘no life’ to them but only some issue to broach and also heinous death to innocent and unlucky people who sadly belong to lower or some other castes.

If our leaders are really serious about protecting cows then an annual package should also be released in favor of those hapless street cows that daily die for one or the other cause (and when some people try to get rid of that carcass lying shamelessly on Indian streets, they are then inhumanly manhandled and sometimes succumb to their grave injuries). 

(Note Of Caution: This post is not meant for ‘intellectually-blind’ or ‘low-wit’ or ‘emotionally hijacked’ fanatics who are just ‘objects’ in the hands of political czars but for those who really want to do something great for India and especially for each and every animal life that has the same right as we to live respectfully on earth.)


(Originally Written By Narinder Singh, JandK Bank and Modified by

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