HANDPICKED WORDS(with 5 star rating determining their frequency of regular usage in English language)


Handpicked words.(finely selected)*****

Hang about with Rahul.(spend time)*****

He was rewarded handsomely.(in sufficient manner)

Handsome profit.(more than sufficient)*****

Don’t get dispassionate, hang on in there.(continue whatever you are doing)

His life hangs by a thread/hair.(in a critical condition)

His speaking is so charming. So please hang on his every word.(catch every word spoken)

He has a hang up about his height.(source of some emotional worry)

Rohan is our handyman.(a useful fellow doing our every task)*****

Sometimes even a single paisa in a pocket comes handy.(appears useful)

Science is the handmaiden of religion.(a female servant)

On asking whether he had done his task, he had a hangdog.(felt ashamed)

Amit has hands on experience in Computer Language.(practical knowledge)

Gurmeet is just an ordinand in the teaching of Sikhism.(an apprentice in religious institution)

The oriel structure of the house is marvelous.(a window like sticking-out above a house)

We should shun orgiastic pleasures.(related to orgy, having fun and enjoyment in an immodest way)

Hitler indulged himself in the orgy of mass killings. (continuous doing of something) *****

His is a self-denial personality.(self neglecting)*****

This device is self-correcting.(correcting something automatically)

His burden is just self-imposed.(self created)*****

He is a self-confessed offender.(acknowledging one’s evils)

I like self-effacing men who don’t speak about them a lot.(self denying)

He is scavenging from the trash of wooden equipment for some usable
furniture.(searching from trash)

Scarify the hard soil for the presence of gems.(break and separate by using a tool with sharp pricks)

This slope is very scarp.(very steep)*****

We scarpered because the police arrived.(run away)

Give me the scenario of your whole written story.(synopsis/a brief outline)

A scattering of intelligent people is limited to only few areas in India.(a number/amount of something spread over a particular area)

He became a scene stealer with his wonderful performance.(somebody/something getting a lot of attention)

You should visit Poonch. It has scenic beauty.(having something to attract)

A schematic diagram.(just giving you some detail about something)

Schematize the information.(put in a proper manner)

He usually expostulates about the tenets of every religion: (to argue, disagree or protest about something).

There is an exponential rise in violence against women. (Increasing rate)

The inside window got imploded. (to burst inwards)

He was pinioned against the wall. (to tie somebody to anything with their arms)

At last he was pinned down to answer for whatever he did to Rohit. (to get the right and true information)

When I met him he was in the pink. (to be healthy)

His temperament is mercurial in nature. (Volatile/explosive)

Amit has a brilliant and mercurial mind. (to be lively and quick)

Don’t collect only meretricious things in life, be selective as
well. (having no real value and appearing instead real and ultimate )

Genuine love is not merchantable. (to be traded with things)

There is a mess of opportunities here. (a lot of)

He messed me up. (to cause serious emotional problems to somebody)

He is messing around with her. (to have sexual relationship with somebody)

You should not worry we will consider each case on its own merits. (without any other things like biasness, personal issue, etc.)

Mohit, why are you merging into the background, come here. (to remain behind the scene)

Don’t trust him; he is no more than a smoothie. (talking politely but not sincere in one’s dealings with others)

He was all smiles when I met him long time after his defeat. (be happy again)

There was not even a smidgeon/smidgin/smidgen of truth in his sayings. (a fractional part/a little of something)

Mukul was smitten with Cholera. (seriously affected with something)

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