Gems from Gurbani


Ang 21, M-1

Sab sukh Har ras bhognay sant sabhaa mil gi-aan
Eng. Trans: All comforts and peace, and the Essence of the Lord, are enjoyed by acquiring spiritual wisdom in the Society of the Saints

Gist: Real pleasure and happiness are in the company of Saints like people

Ang 21, M-1

Aithai Dhandh potaa-ee-ai sach likhat parvaan
Eng.Trans: In this world, people are engrossed in false pursuits, but in the world hereafter, only the account of your true actions is accepted.

Gist: What you sow so shall you regain. Your acts subtle or gross one pays back to you.

Ang 22, M-1

Man sach kasvatee laa-ee tulee-ai poorai tol
Eng.Trans: Apply the Touchstone of Truth to your mind, and see if it comes up to its full weight.

Gist: All our mind-oriented actions should be based on the hallmark of truth. And see whether the action at hand is justified or unjustified.

Ang 22, M-1

Jam jandaar na lag-ee i-o bha-ojal tarai taraas
Eng.Trans: The Messenger of Death will not touch you; in this way, you shall cross over the terrifying World Ocean, carrying others across you.

Gist: Those who are pure and fearless do not entertain any kind of fear either here or here-after (if any). They always meditate on God. Even the people around them get benefitted of their virtuous qualities.

Ang 22, M-1

Aap ga-i-aa sukh paa-iaa mil salal samaa-ay
Eng.Trans: Give up your selfishness, and you shall find peace; like water mingling with water.

Gist: Leaving aside your human-meanness, you shall come close to Truth or God.


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