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Persecution is something all of us have faced or will face. Persecution takes the form of physical torture ranging from the bamboo under the fingernails to cigarette burns and electric shocks.
And persecution wears many faces! It is true that in the free countries are not constantly shadowed by the threat of physical persecution for our beliefs. But at one time or another we can all expect to face some kind of harassment, snubs, rejections, or discrimination. Emotional persecution that attacks a person’s self-esteem can be more devastating than its physical counterpart.
The Calculated insult, the Contrived-put down are weapons wielded even by religious, spiritual, cultured and educated people of toady’s so called modern and civilized society.
Persecution, yes emotional persecution occurs at various levels in life and strikes from a variety of sources. Our supporters can inexplicably turn on us.
When we fail to live up to our expectations, we often persecute ourselves. Regrets, guilt, remorse, embarrassment can excruciatingly (horrifyingly) torture the soul. Is any form of persecution more prevalent and widespread than self-recrimination (self-criticism)?
Persecution attacks losers and winners alike. Even the achiever has enemies, people who are jealous and would try to persecute them in one or the other way.
Excellence takes it on the chin today. Positive thinkers have always been persecuted. Rich people, Qualified people, Great people and all those who have become successful in one or the other field have always been persecuted by the little and inferior people of the society.
Peer pressure can be a powerful persecution. The stark truth is: No social unit, no racial or religious community, and no age grouping is free from the sometimes blatant and more often subtle stabs of persecution.
Young people are often led into drugs and immoral conduct under the fear of persecuting taunts from their classmates. Social pressures in junior high, high schools, and college are often applied to those who live by high ideals.
The Square and Straight person can expect to be laughed at and scorned. Insulting terms, sarcastic ridicule and demeaning labels become weapons of emotional torture.

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Source: ‘The Be-Happy Attitude’ by Robert H Schuller

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