We aren’t able to find great people because our limited and conditioned perception in parenting make us tell our children that great people have ‘horns’! Yes ‘horns’ of great positions in life, horns of big houses, horns of posh cars and horns of royal life and influential circle.

We forget to tell them that top thrones don’t make people great. Great people don’t carry top thrones, they carry top values instead. We may not be knowing that a person living next door to our house may be great in true sense but we didn’t pay any heed to him at all throughout our lives, why? Because he didn’t have any big house, big car or anything materialistic attractive. For us greatness rests on display of affluence and nothing.

On the contrary, people get great by their great and imperishable values. It may also possible that by a stroke of luck or favorable conditions or coincidence these great people may get top thrones.
Great people are simple in nature. You may find them doing gardening in their house lawn or washing clothes in their washrooms. They are just simple like us, no show, no pretense! They are very simple in nature and that is the reason you can find them easy to get along with them. Don’t give defective parenting to ur childrent. Give them holistic and purposeful parenting. Don’t tell them to become great, rather help them bring out greatness from their inside and in turn they would see greatness in others.

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