How would it appear to us if for a time being we keep our hard-set perception towards our known ones, anyone starting from our own family, our close friends, and spanning to any worldly thing or event that we go through daily, on hold? Or to make it more clear what would happen when we willfully try to delete, for a time being, from our mind all the familiar things related to our circle of people or circle of things? Would we feel the same way towards them as we are feeling now? Would their new found appearance or our changed perception towards them give us a chance to label them with different tags or meanings that have become our only habit? Would we get a chance to feel bored, irritated, annoyed, pleased, affectionate, attached, close or distanced from them – both the people and the things? I am afraid if my words are making you confused and bewildered. Actually, what I want to bring out to your notice is that our attitude towards our known circle of events have got fixed, or programmed by default with the passage of time. We have started living our life with fixed notions or set programming in our mind.
Notions that are only notions and not grand objective reality i.e with 100% factual data.

Have we ever tried to see things that we have never seen (i.e the unexplored part of the things or the people around us which usually remains hidden from our shallow perceptive faculties) before in our family members, in our friends, in our surrounding nature, in our own very personalities, in life, in the universe we live, in religion, in science, in humanity, in politics or in daily life occurrences? Have we ever made an effort to learn the things of our life from different aspects or viewpoints? Have we ever looked for something strange in the things or people familiar to us? If never, then it means that whatever we have learnt in our lives is impressed with a stamp of intellectual blindness or our intellectual stupidity. Whatever outlook we have acquired about our surrounding people or things till now is colored with the dye of our intellectual biasness or intellectual stupidity. And this is the main reason that we don’t see our minds growing in a truly intellectual, holistic and psychologically mature manner. We have become the miserable victims of our lopsided thinking due to our weakness to accept our own intellectual ignorance.

For us following the crowd of copycats and imitators is our comfort zone that we don’t want to do away with or dismantle it any cost. We want to lead a life of mental stagnation where everything is rotten to the core, insipid, tasteless and stinking. What grave pity is that such mental sluggishness or intellectual decadence has become our long standing custom. Who is going to make us free from this socially or self-imposed prison of attitudinal sluggishness towards our unfoldment of life? For what purpose ‘human brain’ was gifted by God to us? Have we been born ‘brain dead’ or following the herd has made our brain dead?

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