The big fight is still going on whether the clothes of a girl attract boys or not! Whether the trendy clothes of girls boost up the libido of their male counterparts or not! Whether the jeans, tops, hot pants and skirts increase the number of rape cases or not! What a stupid and reprehensible fight is this? Do we really have such enough time to discuss such worthless stuff when other urgent matters are not still resolved out successfully? Is this the indication of going back to the time of ‘Adam and Eve’ or to the vibrant and dynamic world of space living, e-medicines and robotics? Are we progressing or regressing?

Please remain open if after reading the above lines anyone among you start questioning “Is wearing trendy clothes means that we are advancing?” No, this is not a valid question at all as I even didn’t say that wear this or that. I even didn’t say that wearing short or sleazy dresses turn us on or I even didn’t say that wearing traditional or Baba Adam’s time clothes would help us in controlling rape crimes.

The real issue that we all have been missing accidentally or ignoring willfully is that being humans (after we have attained legal age of maturity, depending country wise) we have some inalienated rights and freedom to decide about our right and wrong. The right and freedom to decide how to live our life, the right and the freedom to decide what to do in life, the right and the freedom to choose our marriage partner, the right and the freedom to have a say in the society where we live, the right to have freedom of expression and speech and at last the right and the freedom to choose what to wear or what not to wear.

Who has given the right to our society to decide the fate and the things of our life? Who has given the reigns of our life into the hands of our backward and rigid society to tamper with the rules and regulations for our legally and constitutionally sanctioned basic rights? Why is this society which is usually a male-dominated society, hell bent in imposing its barbarian and highhanded restrictions on its free and intellectually, legally and spiritually aware people? Why does this society full of bigots and radical elements want to treat us like their hired or owned slaves?

As a note of caution, it should be also kept in mind that wearing clothes of trendy times doesn’t make anyone appear sleazy or hot, character-less or truly modern but our dresses should be such that instead of using such clothes for conspiratorial physical exposure (with some hidden motives sometimes), we should use them to increase our aesthetic beauty of our personality in proportion to the type of body we have. We have the right to wear what suits our bodies and heightens our personality appeal and not bodily appeal just to attract gender counterparts! Moreover, someone has rightly said that precious and valuable stones like diamonds and emeralds are to be preserved and secured safely rather than letting them disrespectfully stay open and scatter here and there haphazardly.

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