1. Naam Japat Paavaih Bisraam. (Read In Punjabi)
Meditating on the name of God one gets peace of mind.

2. Sehaj Subhaaye Hovai So Hoye. (Read In Punjabi)
Things come to pass at their own natural pace. Everything gets completed with satisfaction when one practices the art of patience. Patience and cool mindedness let you finish your work with ease and satisfaction.

3. Prabh Ka Kiya Jan Meeth Lagaana. (Read In Punjabi)
To the true and sincere devotees of God everything He does appears sweet to them. They never make a complaint about the doings of their Supreme Father i.e God.

4. Jo Kisch Karai So Prabh Kay Rang. Sada Sada Basaih Har Sang. (Read In Punjabi)
Hey mortal being, whatever you do, do it being immersed and absorbed in the color of the name of God. And when remembering God you do whatever you want to do – you will be able to start living in the hallowed presence of God. God will never leave you throughout your life.

5. Tis Bin Naahi Teray Kisch Kaam. (Read In Punjabi)
Without the Great Almighty on your side nothing in this entire world will be of any importance to you. Forgetting God will never make you happy and truly satisfied throughout your life journey.

6. Aapan Kiya Kaschu Na Hoye. Jay So Praani Lochay Koy. (Read In Punjabi)
By one’s own actions nothing is accomplished. Nothing happens in this world with our own doing. Nothing comes to any success or fruitful pass of one’s own accord even though mortal beings may wish it so hundred times. It is only when we have the blessings of God that we are able to get something done through us – whatever it may be.

7. Tis Ka Hukam Bhooj Sukh Hoye. Tis Ka Naam Rakh Kanth Proy.
Obliging to the command of that Supreme Father one gets peace and joy. Like beads in a rosary install the bead of God’s name in your neck or wear God’s name as your necklace so that you could forever meditate on the name of God.

8. Sarabh Kala Bharpoor Prabh Birtha Jaananhaar. Ja Kay Simran Udhreeyai Nanak Tis Balihaar. (Read In Punjabi)
God is omnipotent and omniscient. He is all powerful. He is laden with all supernatural abilities. Nothing is hidden to Him as He knows all our worldly troubles. Meditating in his remembrance we are saved. So Nanak says that he is a sacrifice to such a great Almighty.

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