Of late, many cases of sexual molestation against little children of India have been shaking the national and social conscience of India. The searing question that immediately springs to one’s mind is not who commit such heinous and outlandish acts but what makes us endure and condone easily such unethical, unconstitutional and sinful acts — as if such things will never happen to us as we mistakenly think that we don’t belong to the victim families – directly or indirectly. The people responsible for sexual violence against little teens or school going children might be suffering from some sexual perversities or sexual weaknesses or they might have remained ethically, morally, spiritually, socially and intellectually awakened i.e they might have failed to get good education or good parenting in the society to which they closely belong. It is often seen that such cases of grave, moral and social consequences where there is a breach of moral and ethical code of conduct, are often given negligible and scant attention by the civil society like us.

And moreover, it also an undeniable fact that during such insensitiw times (when sexual violence takes place against little children or the fair sex), we often get pathetically weak at our knees or get impotent and start showing total disregard or turning stony ears to the cries and agonies of the victims. What does this senseless indifference and emotional deficit from our side indicate? Doesn’t it mean that we too encourage the offenders of such crimes? Doesn’t it prove our own indirect involvement in such shocking and atrocious crimes—by not taking collective stand against such anti-social and anti-humanity elements.

I think that the magnitude and the gravity of the sinful acts of sexual molestation committed by any offender against the minors or girls of society is as much as reprehensible and reproachable as the indifference and utter disregard shown by intellectuals, elite and so-called educated citizens like us. It is our own character or moral weaknesses that the perpetrators of such heinous and gruesome crimes get emboldened day after day and get scot free after committing their felonies. It is our own intellectual immaturity, moral impoverishment and emotional insensitivity that such cases get scant and negligible attention from us. And it is also our own self-centered and mean approach towards life that the offenders do not hesitate even a little from committing rapes and sexual violence — as they think that the people of society are not united but divided.

Until and unless we people of the world and especially India start thinking from the angle of one united and interlinked family and see our own daughters and kith and kin in victims and show the offenders of such crimes our collective strength and courage, no street ruffian would dare to ogle at or touch our daughters.



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