1. What the hell kind of answer is this?
2. Do I make myself clear?
3. Do you understand?
4. What I was wondering was…
5. Are you sure?
6. Can you make it today?
7. What the hell did you call me for?
8. How would you like to…
9. That doesn’t make sense.
10. I am not sure precisely.
11. How come that you don’t know him?
12. Do you see what I mean?
13. Get the hang of something.
14. Did you come across any..?
15. If anything should go wrong…
16. Would you like me to..?
17. Why did I have to say that?
18. What the hell you are up to?
19. I really shouldn’t be wasting your time.
20. What the hell was that?
21. I wondered whether it would be convenient for you to…
22. To be perfectly frank…
23. I don’t give a damn to it.
24. It makes one wonder…
25. Call to your attention please.
26. Does that sound crazy?
27. Catch a glimpse of somebody.
28. Would you care to order some coffee?
29. Are you going to be in London long?
30. Would you like to ride out to the airport with me?
31. I am glad that we could spend time with you.
32. Isn’t it wonderful?
33. What would you say if I told you..?
34. Would you be able to..?
35. Would you be good enough to tell..?
36. Would it be fair enough to say that..?
37. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to it.
38. You should watch your tongue.
39. Do you happen to remember what name the man gave you?
40. That is certainly very generous of you.
41. It really makes me feel good to be able to help you out.
42. Could this be possibly as bad as..?
43. I am just kidding.
44. But what difference does it make?
45. It has got nothing to do with you.
46. Do you have any problem with that?
47. I am very disappointed in you.
48. Get into spirit.
49. Don’t act smart.

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