Cleanliness: It means to adopt a lifestyle where there is no threat to human as well as environment life from insanitary and unhygienic conditions present in our locality either in one or the other form.

Forms of human activities presenting threat to human and environment life:
Stagnant water, injudicious garbage dumping- at private and public spaces, damaged drainage system, continuously running public tap water, improper usage of public bathrooms, lack of proper swage system etc.

Threats to human, nation and environment (if proper and timely cleanliness is not practiced):
1. Spread of multiple diseases.
2. Defacing of environment- Residential and Natural.
3. Threat to human survival and the healthy stabilization of eco system.
4. Rapid increase in cleanliness charges on the part of government if we didn’t get cleanliness and health conscious.
5. National image in front of other countries would suffer a lot if we didn’t set cleanliness as a top priority in our national agenda.
6. Tourism industry would be greatly influenced through unhygienic and insanitary conditions prevailing in one’s country. No outsiders will prefer to visit India as a part of their travel and leisure.
7. Lowering of the cost of the residential land owing to improper and damaged cleanliness system of a locality- open dumping of garbage, emanating stink everywhere, damaged drainage system etc.
8. Losing of the beauty of our locality, village, town and finally our own country.

So, we can clearly see that cleanliness is must for local and national development of a country. Without paying any required and necessary gaze to it, I don’t think that our country would find real and everlasting development- financial, social, cultural and political. Cleanliness gives beauty, health and financial stability to one’s country. It is that element of our country which our politicians; our citizens as well, have been ignoring from quite some past.
Development and that too without focusing on cleanliness is like a body without a soul. Cleanliness is the soul of our national development which provides beauty and value to our social and national existence. As mentioned earlier- tourism and health of one’s country are the top most victims of uncleanliness. Seeing all round insanitary and unhygienic conditions in one or the other form, foreigners would hate to visit our country and moreover their one such worst kind of experience would also discourage others from paying their valuable visit to India. It, thus leads to a serious downfall in national beauty and national economy as well.
Today’s time is full of different type of diseases and the biggest share in the spread of such life taking diseases goes to our irresponsibility towards maintaining cleanliness. Virus, bacteria and other harmful microbes usually reside in those places where cleanliness is found missing. And humans when get contacted with these microbes, they find themselves in the grip of one or the other kind of diseases. In this way, cleanliness, if not maintained timely and properly could have serious impact on the health of the nation. The maximum part of our national economy is injudiciously spent over such avoidable medical expenses. So, like tourism, health there are many elements of national importance which could be seriously influenced and altered if we go on neglecting cleanliness in our country and the time is not far when our country will be known by the disgraceful tags of ‘dirty and poor country’, ‘ugly country’, ‘garbage mound country’.

Following are the steps in which we can encourage our locality to adopt cleanliness and promote healthy living:

1. We have to start from our own house first.
2. We have to do regular cleaning of our house in whatever efficient and sanitary way we want to do.
3. We shouldn’t throw our in-house (domestic and business) wastes out into the public streets.
4. We shouldn’t litter in the private as well as public spaces like parks, government buildings, recreation centers etc.
5. We have to be health and cleanliness conscious.
6. We should restrict others from littering the public and private spaces in whatever graceful manner we can (without hurting the dignity of others).
7. We can enlighten others, on an individual or group basis (depending on our resources and time), about the benefits of cleanliness.
8. We should make cleanliness as our daily and unavoidable habit like our usual habits.
9. We can also start a cleanliness drive like the Prime Minister of our country, in our area stressing on its importance.
10. We can also give a monthly or a yearly basis best award for the best-keep house of our area, thus inspiring others to do so.

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