1. What was my crime?

2. Was my non-existent identity (as I was not some men in power) the safe clause that motivated you to take the non-supply of oxygen in hospital as some do-away-with case?

3. Were my parents too poor and weak to fight the administrative failure that led to our unfortunate and tragic death?

4. What sort of a minister are you that even little children like us are not safe in your state? And on the other hand you and Modi uncle are hellbent in protecting cows? For the safety and protection of cows you have enough funds but not for us so that we could take minimum required oxygen?

5. Did Modi uncle and you even have the guts and moral courage to put your resignation over this macabre and gruesome state-authored tragedy? Or Is Modi uncle fair enough to fire you immediately from your throne of CM as that big throne has got desecrated with our blood ?

6. If you had been the destiny-struck father of one of those parents what would you yourself have felt on knowing that your only child had been mercilessly put to death?

7. Where is that dirty media who normally feels proud in showing modi’s uncle and yours stunts of phony bravado and candy-like speeches and feels coward and shy in revealing what Nero like politicians have done to us?

8. Can’t our upright judiciary and honest and dedicated social activists like uncles and aunts deem this incidence as cold murder as no  emotional heat was involved but only administrative lacuna and state shameless stupor.

9. Why are our Indian uncles, big brothers and sisters and aunts not considering this national tragedy as something grave and come on streets and say something substantial in our favour? God forgives me – who knows if yesterday it were our turn, in future it shall be your children’s turn.

10. Have you gone completely robotic that you didn’t put even  a national apology for this grave tragedy?






If the questions put above didn’t stir something in your souls as sentient humans then be ready in future to get killed mercilessly by the state in your own houses?


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