Brain power enhancers: Methods for the holistic growth and development of the brain (for effective and efficient thinking)


1. Travel

By taxing the brain – by learning about new people, culture, environment, and other informative things.

2. Glucose and Oxygen

The natural diet and essential requirements of the brain.

4. Spirituality

By getting internally close to one true self.

5. Silence (inner as well as external)

By making the brain tranquilized and calm i.e absence of any impatience, complaining, chatting and babbling.

6. Rest

By letting the brain relaxed, tension free and fatigue less.

7. Proper sleep

a) By replenishing the lost energy, endurance, flexibility, strength and nutrients.
b) By retaining and reinforcing lost and subdued memories.

9. Wholesome philosophy of life.

a) By re-evaluating and re-assessing our acquired beliefs, conventional thinking and way of living.
b) By properly and rightfully filtering the information passed to us through family, society and media.
c) By living positively and optimistically.
d) By imbibing the ever-tested knowledge of life, survival and death

10. Smart Drugs (Ginseng, vitamins, minerals, gingko biloba)

a) By replenishing the lost nutrients of the brain.
b) By boosting and re-energising the cognitive enhancement.

11. Brainex (Brain Exercises)

a) Brainstorming
b) Puzzles
c) Riddles
d) Analyzing and observing things around us.

13. Novelex (Novel Exercises)

By doing out of the routine or totally new activities.

14. Aromatherapy

Some fragrances (of flowers, perfumes, herbs, incense sticks etc.) and aromas relax the Brain and improve its functionality.

14. Positive Self-affirmation

By having positive and self-elevating talk like, ‘My health is getting better day by day”, “Everybody is on good terms with me” etc.

15. Massage

Skilled and practiced hands of masseur can also have therapeutic effect on the nervous system of one’s body.

16. Mind mapping

Tony Buzon’s mind mapping, a technique to study efficiently with the pictorial and graphical representation of the contents can also boost our mental power.

17. Meditation

By keeping mind blank and free of thoughts and thus deriving joy and happiness.

18. Mindfulness

By becoming alert, attentive and deeply concentrated.

19. Latent learning

By thinking out of the way and thus arriving at the solution of any thing at hand.

20. Healthy discussion.

By interacting intellectually and incisively.

There are still many more techniques which can be applied to develop one’s brain power.

Note: Consult medical experts before applying above mentioned brain boosting techniques.


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