Our false thinking and disturbed social perception often dictates to us:

1. There is not enough for us.
2. We would lose whatever we have earned with our hard work and personal effort.
3. We were not deserving this thing but still we are able to get it.
4. God knows what would happen to us in the near future.
5. We still are not satisfied with the things we have got in the world.
6. We are never going to smart, better and intelligent than others especially our peers and friends.
7. God is not in our side.

Why this type of thinking develops in our mind?

1. Competitive and scarcity mindset.
2. Our loss of touch with our genuine self.
3. Loss of touch with the true feelings of Humanity and mutual cooperation.
4. Seeing the gross realities of the world.

What should we do then to uproot this fear from our minds?

1. Shun the feeling that we all are separated from each other as it is the illusion.
2. See the interconnectedness of everything around you.
3. Start enriching others’ lives in one or the other way.
4. Have genuine service and grand respect for others’ lives.
5. Don’t compete with others but compete with your previous low self.
6. Do and see the best of whatever you do, think and believe.
7. Don’t beat the competitors rather beat this feeling of competition.
8. Don’t base your self importance on others’ hollow compliments and appreciation.
9. Be self motivated and self generated.
10. Being afraid of losing or getting defeated by others, shuts the door of our own vast potential and hidden unexplored creativity. So don’t get afraid of others lives by putting focus on- what they think, do and what are their future plans- so and so.
11. We all have a grand personal design as crafted by the nature. Follow it wholeheartedly and never let it disturbed by others.

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