Are you thankful to God?


We always get busy earning dollars, enjoying with our family and collecting material things in one or the other form that we often forget even to thank God for all such happy and pleasurable things in our daily life. It never rings in our minds that whatever we are enjoying in our daily lives, it is all due to the perennial blessings of God, who is our ultimate Sustainer (Mother and Father). How could we remain thankless and unappreciative of His evergreen blessings over us in the form of money, good health, success and respect in the society? There are many like us who are not so fortunate enough to even manage two square meals a day. Many of us could not have sound eyes, legs, brain and other essential body functions.

We can see some of them around us like Bunty uncle of our village who can’t walk straight on his legs, like Sheela aunty who can’t see with his eyes and many more like them. Each and every corner of the world is not short of them. Some of those destiny struck could not go to school, could not wear enough clothes, and could not have simple and basic comforts of life. Some are so poor that they have to scavenge through the pile of garbage to get something to eat.

So, we can clearly see that such people are not so blessed and fortunate like many of us for whom the gross and stinging reality of life is a far fetched idea. But instead of getting humble and thankful to God, we become haughty and arrogant and feel unconcerned and disrespected to such ill-destined people and never try to show or express our sincere gratitude to God. Moreover, we never tried to share with them what God has shared with us. We never feel obliged and thankful to God; rather we feel that whatever we earned it is all due to our own hard work and efforts. And with the passage of time, we become totally oblivious to the existence of God- as we ourselves have become ‘Earthly God’ (a man of power and wealth) by that time.

And this has become today’s fashion wherever we can see with our eyes. Nobody wants to show his humility by remembering his days of sorrow and hardships; everybody wants to get egoist and arrogant by remaining in the present and that too in the midst of his ephemeral and transitory happiness which can leave them at any time- without any prior intimation.

Being thankful to God means that all the success, happiness, things and respect we get in our entire life is all due to the grand blessings of Him. Without Him providing patience, determination and courage to us, we would not have been able to see happiness and joys in our life. It is only His blessings and care that made our success and happiness possible. So, wouldn’t it be morally or ethically right on our part to be thankful and indebted to God for all His precious gifts to us which are inestimable in human calculation. Being thankful shows our own humility and which ultimately prevents us from getting arrogant and haughty.

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