Follow the points mentioned below and gain an upper hand while having conversation with others. Make them a part and parcel of your regular talk with others.

1. Avoid criticism

2. Don’t comment unnecessarily

3. Express gratitude

4. Encourage others

5. Maintain the required silence

6. Never boast

7. Be concise and limited

8. Avoid excessiveness

9. Use appropriate words

10. Listen carefully

11. Never ridicule others

12. Be confident

13. Be courteous

14. Never show impatience

15. Be relatively linked to your conversation

16. Let others have the freedom to express their views too

17. Have a healthy discussion and stop as soon as it gets in a combatative mode

18. Be telegenic or videogenic

19. Start and end the conversation with the feelings of affinity and positivity

20. Let others save their shame

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