Feeling afraid is like searching things in pitch darkness. As you yourself know that when we try to locate or find something under the blanket of darkness, we get stumbled or we may even fell down. We may even break some part of our body. Whenever we try to do something new for the first time, we get afraid and we feel tensed or our minds start discouraging us from doing or following that particular line of things. As we are afar from any earlier or pre-conceived experience of doing that particular thing, we therefore, start feeling coward and anxious while doing that thing.
Let us take an example.

Suppose you are standing in a completely lit room with furniture placed all around you and suddenly there comes a moment when the power in the room goes off. What would you do? Walk or stand there and that too without even a fraction of movement? Most of us would prefer to stay there wherever we are.

As it is a human tendency to keep themselves safe and secured, therefore, to avoid any physical injury to ourselves we would not budge from our places. And some of us, under some situational urgency, would muster courage and try to make a way through that pitch darkness or whatever any obstacle there may be. A notable point to be observed here is that we start feeling afraid whenever we find ourselves amidst pitch darkness where earlier there was light. A feeling to protect and keep ourselves safe gets intensified and moreover overpowers us during that time. Our whole body gets defensive at that particular time. And a moment comes when our thinking capacity gets down. We are not able to think logically and rationally. The same thing happens whenever we try to do something for the first time like speaking in front of a large gathering, starting new business, writing a new novel, pursuing a new academic degree, speaking to a stranger, and many more. The thing that makes us fearful and paralyzed while doing something new is the ignorance inbuilt in the process of performing a new task at hand. It is the ignorance attached with that new work at hand that makes us fearful and tensed.

Somebody has truly opined that the thing that makes us afraid needs to be done before other things over which we have a lot of confidence

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