Ardaas or standing prayer in Sikhism is not restricted only to just fulfillment of petty human needs by Waheguru or that Supreme Almighty, rather it aims at a bigger purpose that even the Sikhs failed to comprehend. As said by Alexis Carrel, Ardaas doesn’t mean a mere request to God to provide refuge during dark and troubled times. It doesn’t mean praying in a childish manner to request God for the realization of material gains. It also doesn’t mean a formalized routine of words that we chant daily. But what it really means is unintelligible or unknown to most of us humans and especially Sikhs. Ardass, if truly understood, is not only an imploration to seek His benevolence and mercy, it is also a kind of spiritual yoga through which we heal our own-selves. It is a kind of power bank that always keeps our spirit charged and empowered. Ardaas is the only medium whereby we could enter the sanctuary of bliss love, comfort and peacefulness.

It provides a wonderful opportunity to humanity to get arched and buttressed from within. It makes one spiritually empowered and emboldened. It is like that remedy which repairs us, restrengthens us, and makes us positively hopefull. It lets our deficiencies go away and gets them replaced by our strengths. Ardaas supplies our soul with a steady and continuous flow of sustaining power for our daily life activities – be it small or big. It enlarges our outlook towards life and its truth and stretches our sensitivity towards humanity. It helps us to conquer and control our negative and loose thoughts that usually dominate our personality. It is only and only Ardaas that makes one achieve true success and happiness in one’s life.

During our lean times, when pressure and stress impair our faculties, Ardaas augments our finite, limited and spent energy. Even a mere act of shooting or booming a prayer towards people, could make them healed and eased up. Like an electrical energy, ardaas is also a kind of self-generating energy which gets created spontaneously when we bend on our knees and close our eyes to remember God. Ardaas has got such potency that its regular application can make our souls undefeatable and unsurpassable.

Not only this, even miraculous things can happen when we start believing passionately and unfailingly in its power. It can overcome the great laws of mother nature or anything which seems impossible, can be made possible through the agency of Ardaas or prayer. Ardaas transcends physical, biological and rational world. It is a force bigger than other natural and human forces that dominate earth. If done with true dedication and faithfulness, Ardaas can also bring people miraculously out from deadly and lethal diseases as well. At last, it can be said that Ardaas is not only said to remind God that He should not forget us, rather it also means that we should also not forget Him and must pray daily to Him.

Ardaas is a kind of mold which gives our thoughts calmness, peacefulness and contentment.

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