Honorable Prime Minister of India,
It really pains me a lot on seeing that our common citizens have to face enormous and unending hardships and inexplicable torture thanks to your surprise decision of ‘Demonetizing 500 and 100 Indian currency notes’. Serpentine queues of authentic account holders at several banks and ATMs, which start early in the morning, have become an ‘add on unbearable pain’ in the fragile daily life of already malnourished, terrorized and hopeless common and poor people of India. Or it would not be silly exaggeration to say that these ‘serpentine long queues’ have become state-hired assassins which have been taking serious toll of our innocent and unconvicted masses for none of their crime.

Today’s man was never such hapless and in dire consequences in the past than at present on seeing that he couldn’t make arrangements for his son’s or daughter’s marriage, even after having money in his account which he sadly can’t touch and claim his own.

Heart attacks, starvation, penury, poor business, non-treatment (of patients due to shortage of required money), mass panic and collective terror and death is the bounty that your respectable decision has been distributing to common citizens. Poor laborers have left working at factories as their employers didn’t pay them sufficiently on account of crash crunch, grooms have been forced to stand in long queues on the day of their wedding, the poor are forced to sleep without having their meals at night, a bank manager suffered a lethal heart attack while attending to his long hours’ service, a senior citizen was reported died while standing for such grueling long hours in a queue, treatment of patients were not possible due to the shortage of money and pregnant wives of Indian soldiers sadly found themselves standing under intense pain just to withdraw money to get their babies out and there are many more soul-stirring and bone-chilling cases like these which can be said are poor commentary on your decision of demonetizing money.

You promised, while thumping your chest, to make sweat and frighten all the tainted and corrupt leaders and businessmen as well but regretfully and heartily you are making common men sweat and frighten, not only sweat, you have made them shed tears of blood. Your decision to ban the notes didn’t even show mercy on the ‘senior citizens’ of our weeping India, they too have to become sharing partners with others in bearing the ‘organized sadism’. Yes, can’t we say that this ‘whole sufferings’ reported from all across India is similar to ‘sadism’ where one derives sweet pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

Do you want to see only the poor and the middle class people in the category of sufferers? Have you been requested amnesty by the upper-middle class people? What about powerful government officials? What about big businessmen and influential leaders like the ilk of Ambani, Adani and Tatas and many more? And that is the reason why no one sees them standing in those murderous queues of people. Has anyone seen any political leader standing in that life-stifling long queue? Has anyone seen any officer from government circle standing under blistering heat and killing cold in that long serpentine lines? Does this India belongs only to Ambani, Adani and Tatas? Are these long lines meant only for the poor and the hapless?

Such worst kind of large scale and open discrimination can only and legally be possible in the best kind of democracy that we famously and proudly call India. And it becomes easier when one is Indira Gandhi or Narendra Modi i.e when the leaders at the helm are law onto themselves. Such kind of huge discrimination has still been going on shamelessly and grotesquely and still our innocent Indians didn’t raise any finger on their popular leaders and especially great leader like you. Why? It is not that they are afraid of you and your so called chelas, the only reason is that they are following you blindly and have put trust on you blindly – like the trust of a little baby when his/her father throws him/her in air. It is because they are fed up with their previous corrupt leaders and are looking for some hopeful and big change. They are still stuck to your melodious tune ‘Achhay Din Aayengay’.

I am still searching for a line at banks where I could find even a single crooked politician or businessman standing under blistering heat or intense cold. If you find please do tell me.

Yours Sincerely,
Narinderpal Singh,

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