1. Addiction
Many of us fall prey easily to the addiction of using facebook frequently. Like drugs and other narcotics face book has an inbuilt tendency to hook you forever with its ever green charm and splendor. When a certain thing is put into practice for a long time and that too without any considerable and intellectual stop then the ‘doing of that certain thing’ gets wired into our minds permanently. Any act of any nature when kept continues for a long time, it becomes an unavoidable habit and eventually, it also becomes a part of our personality. The regular and obsessive usage of facebook becomes an addiction after a certain time.

2. To fight depressed mood
Some of us when feel sad and our life seems to us in despair, then the only shoulder we find to express our sadness or dejection in life is of ‘face book’. Face book, no doubt, has become one of our close friends, on whom we can keep full trust and faith. As soon as we come under the attack of some worry or tension, we lose no time in opening facebook and immediately text our feelings of depression and dejection. By doing it, we somehow feel relaxed, cool and light. In other terms, face book has become our dumping ground of our negative mood. It works like our personal psychiatrist.

3. Curiosity to know what others say about me
More than 90% of us open face book only to see for just once what others have replied to our latest posting on the face book wall. The killing urge to know what the world outside thinks about my ideas and views is the most potent desire that kicks up the minds of the users of the face book to open it obsessively.

4. To check the acceptance or the reception of ‘Friend Requests’
It is a human tendency (as each of us think ourselves to be something special and the centre of attraction) to make its circle of social interaction large and varied. Every human wants to see becoming friend with maximum people and it would be an exceptional advantage when the person he wants to be friend with, is from the opposite sex. Majority of us open facebook with a hidden and charming agenda of becoming friends with our opposite sex. The desire to receive ‘friend requests’ from the opposite sex is more prominent than the desire to send ‘friend requests’ to the opposite sex.

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