1. To Break A World Record In Whatever Way One Can
  2. To Do Extreme Sky Diving
  3. To Donate Blood 
  4. To Start One’s Own Non-Government Organization In Order To Help The People In Dire Needs.
  5. To Build A Log Cabin In The Mountains And Enjoy The Serenity, The Peace And The Spirituality Of That Environment
  6. To Visit The Seven Wonders Of The World
  7. To Get Far Away From The World Noise And To Possess A Cottage Near Some Flowing River In A Far Off And Secluded Hill Station
  8. To Learn Surfing
  9. To Create A Powerful And Awe-Inspiring You Tube Video Or Some Online Movie
  10. To Learn Water Rafting
  11. To Make An Around-The-World Tour With One’s Parents/Friends/One’s Life Partner
  12. To Learn Snow Skiing
  13. To Learn A New Language i.e Other Than One’s  Mother Tongue
  14. To Learn Scuba Diving
  15. To Write And Get One’s Book Published
  16. To Learn Mountaineering
  17. To Go To The Disneyland, USA
  18. To Establish One’s Own Business Venture
  19. To Become A Life And A Business Coach
  20. To Take Children From Slum Areas And Poor Financial Background To Picnic Or Tour Or To Some Hotel So That They Could Also Develop A Desire To Have Dreams Of A Big Life
  21. To Make A Motorcycle Trip With Close Friends
  22. To Sail In A Boat
  23. To Reach The Third World Countries Like That Of Africa Where Poor And Downtrodden People Hardly Gets Something To Eat And Drink Leave Alone The Desire To Become Something Big In Life
  24. To Make An Yearly Tour Or Pilgrimage With One’s Family
  25. To Arrange Social Awareness Campaign, Cultural Programme, Educational Or Spiritual Conference In One’s Locality
  26. To Do Something Contributory And Revolutionary For One’s Own Country
  27. To Become A Famous Celebrity With One’s Great Contribution To Society
  28. To Enjoy Camp Fire While Living In A Jungle For Some Days With One’s Friends
  29. To Do Paragliding And Bungee Jumping
  30. To Read Fully And Understand Each And Every Verse Of One’s Own Religion Holy Book
  31. To enjoy the thrill of zip-line with family and friends.
  32. To visit the Stone Henge.
  33. To jump off a cliff with some protective gear.
  34. To experience ‘zero gravity’.
  35. To make a tour of the ‘Googleplex’.
  36. To go on an African Safari.
  37. To spend one night in a ‘tree house’ with one’s friends.
  38. To be a part of sitting audience in some famous TV Show.
  39. To fly alone in a private jet.
  40. To ride a hot air balloon.
  41. To have a date-cum-lunch with your loving partner in an under-water restaurant.
  42. To see the world from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  43. To watch the world cup live from the stadium.
  44. To live some days with tribal people of any area.
  45. To make a space travel and see the earth from the top of the universe.


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