1. Career Stagnation:
It may also be known as career complacency- full of lethargy and plain idleness. Most of us after arriving at our destination by default or choice get complacent or mentally gratified. We do away with further career planning or some future bigger rewards. We stop making further changes into our set thinking pattern and in this way we start sinking into the pit of lethargy and rut slowly and slowly. Mediocrity is the life style that truly defines our personality- without any excitement and passion towards life. This stark reality of life dawns on us when we see our own batch mates or work mates- with whom we had started at the same level- getting bigger and successful in their lives.

2. Blinding Philosophical Values.
It is somewhat close to those acquired values that deaden or hide our interest and passion towards life. The values that kill your spark and enthusiasm in becoming big and great in life are known as blinding philosophical values. Values like- ‘Life is short so what is kept in becoming big in life and there is no need to acquire big amount of money?’, ‘Death keeps no calendar, it can come any time, so love poverty and don’t go after big achievement in life’. And there are glut of these blinding philosophical values, especially in our country. 70 % of our Indian youth are under the illusory influence of these mind altering values. No doubt, these values in themselves are not harmful, but a blind and unstoppable addiction to them without any rhyme and reason is definitely dangerous and harmful for an overall achievement and development of one’s personality.

3. Tendency Towards Vices
We being humans, get attracted to seemingly plausible negative things like- idle gossiping like character slaying, loose office talk; addiction of different kinds like drinking, smoking, sex, loose and excessive spending and ignoring our set moral, domestic and social responsibilities. These negative things are just the tip of an ice berg. There are so many of them that we often get indulged in them by default or choice. To get maximum benefits from our career and to provide a big flight to our success in life, we have to do away with the previously discussed vices.

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