1. They would be immensely pleased to be taken to some market now and then so that they could shop whatever they feel to buy.
  2. They would never appreciate those hubbies who always interfere with their dressing, eating and shopping taste.
  3. They want their husbands to know how to cook well.
  4. They need their help in their household chores.
  5. They would like their husbands not to feel inferior and insecure if they start earning on their own.
  6. Some even do not like to be forced or pressurized on having children as they need some time for fun, enjoyment or for their busy career.
  7. Some would also don’t like to be compelled by their hubbies to leave their career for domestic life.
  8. There are even some of them, especially those who belong to city areas, who would like to be open and candid to talk about sex and its different experiments.
  9. They want their hubbies to give them extra time and extra care.
  10. They want their hubbies to be always present at their beck and call- no matter wherever and in which condition they are.
  11. They want their husbands to become a celebrity so that they could bask in their fame and glory.
  12. They would never hesitate to ask for money every now and then from their hubbies and to satisfy their whims and fancies.

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