1. Her husband Feroze Gandhi or Feroze Khan was a son of Nawab Khan, a supplier of wine to her ancestral home at Allahabad. She fell into a romantic relationship with Feroze Khan who often used to visit her house. This secret of hers was also revealed by the then Governor of Maharashtra to her father.

2. Indira Gandhi changed her name to Maimuna Baigum in order to get married with Feroze Khan. The marriage took place in London

3. Nehru got angered on listening such and such marriage of her loving daughter in England. He got worried about their return to India as their marriage would make the general public annoyed and disturbed. And moreover this may result into his own political suicide. He then made a plan and told Feroze Khan to change his name into ‘Feroze Gandhi’ just by signing an affidavit. And thus, he arranged a mock marriage of his daughter with a Muslim boy.

4. Indira Gandhi was expelled from the Oxford University for her unmeritorious performance. Her father, Nehru, then got her admitted into Shantiniketan University where she didn’t rise to the expectations of Guru Rabindranath Tagore who often used to admonish her.

5. Her younger son Sanjay Gandhi was caught in a car theft in the UK. Krishana Menon, the then Ambassador to the UK, was instructed by Indira Gandhi to save her son at any cost. The Ambassador, applying his power changed his name to Sanjay and acquired a new passport under that new name. He then handed over that passport, bearing a faked name ‘Sanjay Gandhi’ so that Sanjay could be safely returned to India. So, in this way Sanjiv Gandhi, the real name of ‘Sanjay Gandhi’ came into existence.

6. The book “Nehru dynasty” by K N Rao, clearly revealed that Sanjay Gandhi (Sanjiv Gandhi) was in reality the son of some Mohammad Yunus and not of Feroze Khan. Even, when the marriage of Sanjay took place with a Sikh girl ‘Maneka’, Mohammad Yunus became unhappy as he wanted to get his son married with a Muslim girl only.

7. Sanjay Gandhi was also circumcised, a customary ritual practiced in a Muslim family. This fact too was revealed by Mohammad Yunus in his controversial book ‘Persons, Passion and Politics’. When Yunus came to hear about the death of Sanjay Gandhi in a plane crash, he wept a lot.

8. Indira Gandhi had different romantic affairs. First with her German teacher, at Shantiniketan, who used to teach her English. Then came M O Mathai, her father’s secretary. She then caught affinity for his famous Yoga teacher, Dhirendra Brahmchari. Her last love affair was with Dinesh Singh, the then Foreign Minister. And this sizzling fact was exposed by Katherine Frank in her book ‘The life of Indira Nehru Gandhi’.

9. A book ‘Profile and Letters’ written by none other than a seasoned politician Natwar Singh had said that Indira’s son Rajiv Gandhi could not cleared his exams of Mechanical Engineering, which he had been pursuing from 1962 to 1965 at Trinity College, London.

10. Rajiv Gandhi’s wife Sonia Gandhi real name was ‘Antonia Maino’ who was a Catholic and a daughter of a mason. Her father was an ill-famous naxalite of a fascist regime in Italy. He had also spent 5 years in prison in Russia.

11. Dr. Subramanian Swamy says that Rahul Gandhi’s real name is Raul where as Bianca was used to be used for Priyanka Gandhi.

(Source: Media and Internet. Lifepotter.com does not claim the authenticity of some of the above mentioned facts )


  1. Dont ask the origin of river and monks now the politicians In India most of the politicians are secular similarly Nehru Gandhi family,thus Indira made India as secular republc

    • Yes, it is in the Oshao kingdom, can any ordinary man do so? It is the wealth, politics and physical power that makes things different. But almighty is there.

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