1. The heat of Anger melts down the lock of civility on the door of the cage of our mouth and thus sets free the wild animals like sharp words from the cage who would injure others in a grievous manner and it would have a retaliatory effect on us and in this way both the parties suffer a lot – either mentally or physically. So never speak anything when you are angry.

2. Avoid being friends to those who drain away your energy by their cheap and non-sense talk. Avoid them who don’t add value to and who just kills your precious time.

3. Fortune changes unpredictably. The kings of today may be beggars of tomorrow and the beggars of today may be kings of tomorrow.

4. Thoughts of ill-will, discontent, suspicion, fear, envy and cynicism are the wires of a prison which restrict your life from stepping into the world of fresh air of success and true happiness.

5. Re-tuning of your bodily wrinkles and complexion is easy but what about the re-tuning of the wrinkles and faded complexion of your heart and thoughts.

6. The only ‘Mantra’ through which Political Leaders could survive in a political arena where there is so much cut-throat competition is: With the agency of ‘MASS PROPAGANDA’ make lie appear like some grand truth that people start bowing their heads to it thinking that it is a sacred word from Heaven. Or make truth appear like some cheap and 3rd grade lie that people start hating it like anything.

7. In India we lay so much stress on ‘Religion’ and ‘Spiritualism’ then why don’t we find maximum views on religious or spiritual videos over You Tube? It means in private too we don’t prefer ‘Religion’! For us ‘Religion’ is a ‘Public Show’ and nothing else. We have dubious character. We are ‘Pakhandi’. We are ‘Thugs’.

8. Purpose and mentality should always be high and add some hard work to it, then see if miracles happen or not.

9. Society salutes and goes with power, position and wealth and not the owner of such things. When people lose these things, the society doesn’t salute and go with them anymore.

10. Money opens all the doors to your happiness but mind it, it also closes those doors.

11. What pity irony that enemies seem closer than friends and friends seem farther than enemies.

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