1. To honestly and bravely arrive at the truth behind any case that people bring to them.
  2. To be neutral to everyone that comes to them into their offices. While dealing with the general public they should not see them through the glasses of wealth, caste, creed, position in society, religion, color, gender and the influence that one holds in one’s area.
  3. To remain free from any political, official, social and one’s mental pressure.
  4. Instead of acting against the rights and the dignity of the commoners, they should act as their savior and protector.
  5. To give due respect, regards and courtesy to each and every citizen of country, especially women and senior citizens. They should not give preferential treatment to the ones at the higher level of society.
  6. To treat each and every case that comes to them with utmost seriousness and gravity. They should not be selective in solving out those cases.
  7. To create an atmosphere of amity, goodwill, friendship and social cohesion with people of society. Their image should not be one that creates fear and tension in one’s mind. It should be such that on seeing a policeman people consider him as their friend in need on whom they could trust, at least for a while. Their approach and attitude towards the masses should be such that they help them in winning the trust and the support of the community instead of losing them miserably.
  8. To do away with their ‘ego’ that usually overpowers them when they are on duty with stars on their shoulders. They should rather behave in a respectable, dignified and an educated manner so that common people could become open with them and share their grievances with them.
  9. To know what kind of cases need to be given priority while being on duty e.g rape cases and murder cases.
  10. To become a friend to a friend and an enemy to an enemy and not an enemy to a friend and a friend to an enemy.

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