1. We never see our own egos but others’ get easily noticed to us.

2. Our critics are a blessing to us as without them who is going to point out our weaknesses and let us give a wonderful chance to correct ourselves.

3. When we are born, 5% genes of our brain are deterministic (with pre-determined direction i.e not in our control) and 95% are in-deterministic (without any pre-determined direction i.e in our full control) in nature. So with our willed or disciplined attitude towards life, we can change the expressions of the prevailing impact of the 5% deterministic genes. But since we take our life for granted and do nothing serious to steer it in a disciplined manner, so those 5% genes start overpowering 95% in-deterministic genes. So, neurons in our brain can be re-networked.

4. Each one of us is unique, different, illogical, sensitive, constantly variable, unpredictable and un-programmable and still have evolved into a harmonious society and a workable global community.

5. Every relationship needs to be nurtured with patience, compassion and understanding.

6. If we start seeing God in everything or every person, how would we survive? How will we make enemies? How will we get or show anger? How will we fleece or cheat our customers? How will we live with honesty, transparency, integrity, straightforwardness and truth?

7. Preaching to your children by comparing them with yourself when you were there age will not make any strong bond between you and your children. Your and their times have got heaven and earth difference.

8. Without the regular knowledge of death, Sanyaas (spiritual liberation) is not possible.

9. Our worldly ego gets annihilated as soon as the awareness of the looming death descends over us mortals.

10. Big and dramatic transformation takes place in us the day we know that everything that we cherish and adore is soon going to be destroyed in front of our eyes. Then why should I be proud, conceited, haughty and arrogant.

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