पानी पीने का सही तरीका सीखें और लम्बी आयु जीएं।

Drink water not when you feel thirsty but when you are not thirsty as being thirsty shows that you are suffering from dehydration.

The temperature of the water to be drunk should be on par with the temperature of your body.

Drink water slowly and drop by drop.

Always drink water with the brim of the glass in full contact with your lips and let it pass through your teeth. This process makes your water temperature comes on par with your body temperature and also makes water get filtered.

People with the complaint of stone or burning sensation while passing urine should drink more water as compared to others.

Never drink water as soon as you have finished your meal. Wait for at least full 30 minutes.

At night drink one glass of water. Drink one glass of luke-warm water when you wake up in the morning.

Make sure to drink water before you enter any crowded area as it will prevent you from the attack of many harmful diseases present there.

Never drink water in one gulp.

Our body can absorb only 3 mouth-full of water at a time. So drink only 3 mouth-full of water at a time and not more than it.

If you are sweating or entering from a hot-temperature area, avoid drinking water.

Drink water in a sitting position and not in a hurry or in a standing position.

During illness, pregnancy or breast-feeding drink more water.

When feeling thirsty drink only water and no juice or cold drink.

After sex don’t drink water for at least 30 minutes.

Those who are obese, suffer from sinusitis, have asthma, and have diabetes should drink less water. Such people should also refrain from drinking water with empty stomach.

Drinking water more than required by your body is also dangerous for your health. Don’t drink it too much. Drink in such a manner that it doesn’t make you feel thirsty and also gives you a feeling of ease.




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